The MTU Student Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society is an active student-based chapter aimed at providing a social, relaxed environment. MTU-AES harbors and encourages educational interest in audio design, theory, and production for new members. More advanced members are encouraged to participate in the investigation towards new innovative audio technologies, processes, approaches, and theory.

With this in mind, MTU-AES has a three-front mission: To educate, to share culture, and to innovate.

MTU-AES Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 7pm at the Electrical Engineering Resource Center in room 316. Locations and confirmation of a meeting for a specific week are on an announcement-only basis.

MTU-AES Membership Requirements

Must be an MTU student.

Must have an interest in audio

Must attend at least 2 meetings per month to be considered "Active"

No preliminary audio knowlege is necessary, and there is no fee to be in the MTU-AES, though we do encourage you to join AES-National (AES.org)