MTU AES General Weekly meetings are:
Wednesday, 7pm in the EERC 316.

K-Day Recruitment (written on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 by aes)
This year we will be doing a setup at K-Day for recruitment. We will be bring out the new double 15's, the blue sub (will change to black this year), and the dodeca sub. Josh got us a spot and we should be getting power as well. We'll have room for one vehicle and we'll throw the speakers on top of that truck.

Also the new router and circle jig has been ordered and should arrive up to tech soon. The speaker parts should be there shortly as well; The input plates, casters, grills, and wiring.

Other than that, have a great remainder of your summer and we'll have our first meeting the first week of classes (new member meeting will be the second week)

Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, Oct 19th, 2011 (written on Thursday, October 20th, 2011 by aes)
The meeting minutes:
  • Winter Carnival
    • Talked to Superior Rental about 50K Generator, they are looking into it.

    • Keep coming up with ideas

    • A DJ is a very good possibility for at least for a few hours

  • Social
    • Friday Night

    • More to follow.

  • Speaker Building Competition
    • Keep working on them.

    • If you need drivers, let me know.

    • Crossover Lecture upcoming in November.

  • Projects
    • If you have ideas for projects let us know.

    • Lab Speakers -> should get going on this.

    • If anyone knows of a wood shop we would have access to that would be plus.

Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, Oct 12th, 2011 (written on Thursday, October 13th, 2011 by aes)
Here are the meeting minutes:
  • Talked about the design possibilites of our lab speakers.
    • Going to use the Klipsch drivers

  • Winter Carnival Updates
    • Working on sending a letter to companies asking for speaker donations/design ideas.

    • Some ideas have been presented, keep thinking of ideas.

  • Speaker Building Competition
    • Kicked off the competition by handing out some speakers.

    • Did some testing in the chamber on 8th floor.

    • Will have about a month to complete designs.

    • Design a box and a crossover if you desire.

  • AES Social
    • Have a little gathering so everyone can get to know each other.

    • I was thinking next weekend, need to find a location.

    • Can decide next meeting.

Photo Gallery Being Updated: Finished! (written on Friday, September 23rd, 2011 by aes)
I will be updating the photo gallery during the next couple of days so please bear with me. There was some problems with spam and backdoor PHP trojans and what not.

EDIT: I have finished updating and migrating all pictures over to the new database/system. It should look the same as the old one if I did everything right.